Does Looting Really Solve Anything?

Chicago was hit with another round of looting in the early hours of Monday morning. It is reported that caravans of cars full of looters were tipped off on social media following a police-involved shooting in Englewood.

Police say there was misinformation regarding the reports of exactly what happened during the shooting but looters ransacked several areas of downtown including the Loop, North Michigan Avenue, the Streeterville and Lincoln Park neighborhoods and other parts of the city.

I totally understand the frustration that people are facing right now. Dealing with decades of systemic racism, police brutality, a pandemic, loss of employment and so many other stresses of the world I get it. But looting is a crime. Taking something that does not belong to you and trespassing on property that is not yours is a crime.

I'm not really sure if looting is the answer to our society's problems. Although I don't condone it at all, some may believe the act of stealing is payback for all the wrong that has been done to them. But in the long run what does it accomplish?

Once the initial shock is over, the glass is swept up, the merchandise is replaced and the stores reopen, those same societal ills will still be there.

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