Some Illinois Schools Have Remote Learning Dress Code

Don't think your kid can just roll out of bed and go to class now that most schools will start with remote learning in the fall. Schools in Springfield have established a dress code even though children will be learning in their homes.

Students cannot wear pajamas, hats, or slippers while on camera during their class time. Hoods, bandannas, sunglasses and other forms of clothing and accessories are not allowed either. School officials want to make sure students continue with the same discipline that they have when they are in the classroom.

Some parents disagree with the rule, but I don't know why because their kid can't wear whatever they want when they go to school so what's the difference. I believe when you're fully dressed, you will learn better. Schools in Springfield start on Aug. 31 and they will combine remote learning with in-class instruction.

I wonder if Chicago Public Schools will propose this same rule?

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