Police, Please Stop Taking The Lives Of Black Men

Racism is alive and well in America and although systemic racism has existed for years, the blatancy of the killing of black men by police officers is reaching the tipping point.

Within a matter of hours this past weekend police have shot two black men, one fatally, in what appears to be unjustifiable shootings. Please explain to me how several officers cannot detain a person and handle them properly in a situation. Please explain to me how these men were both shot from behind. Please explain to me how these shootings continue to happen in front of several witnesses. Please explain to me how these shootings are becoming more and more blatant.

It's not only a matter of how many black men are shot and killed, it's also a matter of how many of these shootings get reported or are caught on video. God only knows how many other lives have been taken senselessly at the hands of police officers.

I realize there are upstanding and law abiding police officers because I have friends who are in uniform, but to the ones who are racist or think they are superior to civilians, think again.

No justice. No peace. Black Lives Matter, period.

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