John Legend And Chrissy Teigen Racially Profiled A Decade Ago

This goes to show you that racism is alive and well and it really doesn't matter if you're a celebrity or not.

Chrissy Teigen recently revealed in a Marie Claire article that 10 years ago she and husband John Legend were racially profiled. The couple was in an upscale neighborhood in Virginia looking for John's godmother's house when they were confronted. Chrissy says two men followed them and asked them what they were doing in the neighborhood.

When Chrissy explained they were looking for a particular address the men told them to get out of the neighborhood and even went as far as following them to the house they were looking for. She says they proceeded to get out of the car and stare at them until they walked into the home.

While Chrissy was very distraught from the experience she said John didn't show any emotion. She went on to say that was the first time she experienced what most black men experience almost every day.

Racism has no filter. No matter if you are a celebrity, prominent individual or even president of the United States, when it rears its ugly head it's bad.

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