Kanye West Posts Vulgar Grammy Video on Social Media

Oh, Kanye.

I'm really, really concerned about the homebody Kanye West. He has been taking us on a roller coaster ride this past year with his rants in public, the rants on social media and now he is ranting again.

I seriously wish I could have a conversation with the man, just to see what's really on his mind and how I could help him. Of course I'm not a psychiatrist or psychologist but sometimes you just need someone to be a sounding board.

Kanye's latest rant included a video of someone, I'm assuming him, apparently urinating on a Grammy that was inside of a toilet bowl. Whatever message he was trying to send, he made it very clear. At the moment it seems as though Kanye is protesting against the music industry, calling out music execs, soliciting the help of other artists to join him and threatening to not make new music unless he is released of his contract.

Can somebody please help him?

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