Gucci Is Selling Grass-Stained, Distressed Jeans For $1,200

Are you for real, Gucci?

Okay, I love fashion and Gucci happens to me one of my favorite fashion houses but what in the world is going on here? I know Gucci's merchandise is outlandishly priced, but I manage to catch it on sale or I just won't buy it if it's out of my budget (which it is 98 percent of the time.)

But what in the world is going on with this new pair of Gucci jeans and overalls for men? The jeans are made to look worn and have grass stains on them like the person wearing them just rolled around in the yard or mowed the lawn all day. Uh, no Gucci, this isn't going to work. Just like the dirty and worn sneakers that came out a couple years back. Just no.

You can go ahead and keep this style Gucci because it's really not a good look at all. Yeah I know beauty and fashion is in the eye of the beholder, but I really want to meet the man who's going to pay $1,200 for these jeans. Boy bye.

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