Kanye West Scores Nine Billboard Music Awards Nominations

Following a string of Twitter rants about the music industry over the past couple of weeks, Kanye West has been nominated for nine -- count 'em -- nine Billboard Music Awards. That's a whole lot of award nominations, especially for an album that talks about praising and loving Jesus.

I think Kanye's "Jesus Is King" album is great. I play on repeat the song "God Is" because it is a remake of a classic gospel song and it just moves me. I think he deserves all of the noms, because despite his erratic and sometimes questionable behavior, Kanye is a musical genius, he definitely has a gift.

"Jesus Is King" is nominated in the Billboard Christian categories for:

Top Christian Artist, Top Gospel Artist, Top Christian Album, Top Gospel Album and Top Christian Song. Kanye will also compete with himself for the Top Gospel Song as his “Closed on Sunday,” “Follow God,” “On God” and “Selah” are all nominated in that category. Wow.

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