Another Disappointing Outcome of A Case Involving Police Officers

Here we go again.

A grand jury decision that we have been desperately waiting for has been yet another disappointment. To get right to it no officers were charged directly with killing Breonna Taylor. Only one of the officers involved was charged with wanton endangerment. This hurts. It hurts as a human being, it hurts as a woman, it hurts as a daughter, it hurts as a black woman - it just hurts.

I wasn't in that apartment on that fateful night when Breonna's body was riddled with bullets, so I don't know exactly what happened. But I do know that no knock warrants should be banned. Period. There are just too many errors that can take place during an unexpected raid on a home where innocent lives can be lost in a matter of seconds.

I am just at a loss of words for all the injustice that is taking place in our country. It really blows my mind seeing all of this blatant racism day in and day out. The scary part is that it is no longer being left in the dark or being swept under the rug. It is time for change, it is time for black people collectively to hold each other accountable for what is happening in and to our communities.

It's time. Our forefathers laid the foundation now we must begin the building process.

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