Spoken Word Artist Brandon Leake Wins America's Got Talent Competition

... And when I say he won, he won!

I'm so happy to know this brother Brandon Leake is the winner of American's Got Talent competition. Not only is he tremendously gifted with the art of spoken word, but he has a message for the masses. The fact that he won speaks volume about the positive direction in which we are headed, as he will be performing in front of diverse crowds that will hopefully receive his message.

But let's keep it real, AGT caught some heat after last season because of racial overtones which caused then judge Gabrielle Union to be forced out. She filed a discrimination complaint against AGT producers, claiming the culture was toxic and that there were instances of races comments made on the set and more.

I noticed this season AGT really showcased a lot more minority talent, particularly black men. And there were undertones of racial unity and acceptance of different cultures. That's a good thing, but I hope these changes are sincere and come from a good place and are not happening just to be safe.

A big congratulations to Brandon Leake, I cannot wait to see him prosper and spread awareness and positivity to millions.

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