Mayor Lightfoot Eases Pandemic Restrictions in Chicago

Mayor Lightfoot is easing restrictions for bars, restaurants and services at gyms. I'm glad to know this because like many, I am growing very weary of this pandemic. I just want to enjoy a great meal at a restaurant, get back on the treadmill and feel comfortable being around people again.

I'm not necessarily in a rush to return to my pre-pandemic lifestyle, but I do want to see some type of normalcy again. Starting this Thursday restaurants can serve more people indoors. Gyms and salons along with restaurants can operate at 40 percent capacity. Bars, taverns and breweries can serve indoors at 25 percent capacity and stay open until 1 a.m.

Although these restrictions are being eased, you still have to wear a mask though. Even when the waitstaff comes to your table to take your order, keep your mask on. Unless you are eating or drinking, your mask must be on at all times.

If everybody can adhere to the guidelines then we won't have to go back to the restrictions. Just do what you're supposed to do so this pandemic life can go away.

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