Coke's Tab Soda Is Leaving Shelves After Nearly 60 Years

Coca-Cola, the makers of its first ever diet soda, Tab is letting the product go. For more than nearly years consumers have been buying the drink but due to underwhelming demand and sales, it will no longer be produced.

If you're an old schooler you should definitely remember the bright, bubble-gum pink cans of Tab. I do recall seeing them in the fridge when I was a shortie but I never really got into drinking it. That was back when diet soda had that funny after taste.

But now Coca-Cola has other diet options like Coke Zero which has no sugar in it and it tastes just like regular Coke. But so long Tab, you had an amazing run in the 70s and 80s, but there are so many diet drinks on the market now that it's hard to compete. Coke will be eliminating the soda from its lineup at the end of the year.