Wendy Williams Reveals The Death of Her Mother

There are so many reasons why you shouldn't make fun of people or laugh at their mistakes because you never know what they are going through or what is happening in their lives. Case in point: Wendy Williams was criticized a few weeks back because of her erratic and disturbing behavior on her famous talk show.

She had a problem with pronouncing words, people's names, and she even pronounced the word "coronavirus" wrong. To me, that would be an alarm or red flag that something is not right. It wouldn't make me want to laugh or criticize her for what she was going through.

As it turns out the talk show host today admitted that her beloved mother had passed away "weeks ago." Not mentioning it until now gave her time to grieve and I believe that Wendy's behavior was a direct result of her mother's passing. Both of her parents had appeared on the show numerous times over the years.

Wendy's transparency in being an addict has been known for a long time, and when somebody who has that type of history is not doing well, instead of laughing or calling it out on social media, we should show concern in other ways, positive ways that will bring that person joy, peace and most of all get them the help that they need -- whatever type of help is needed.

May her beautiful mother Shirley rest in peace and may the family be comforted and given strength.

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