Beyonce' Ranks No. 72 As World's 100 Most Powerful Women

What? Wait ... you mean to tell me that THE QUEEN B is ranked number 72 out of 100 of the most important women on the planet? This just doesn't sound right. We're talking about Beyonce' here!

I hereby give the Beyhive permission to go clean in on Forbes magazine because clearly our Beyonce' needs to be a little higher on the list, or does she? Forbes named the 100 most powerful women, with Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris leading the way as number 3, Oprah came in at number 20, Rihanna is number 69 and Beyonce' sits at number 72. Wow.

If there are 71 other women ahead of Beyonce' then there are some pretty powerful women in the world indeed! Not to take anything away from the other ladies, but I think Beyonce' should be moved up a couple notches, her influence is crazy not only in the U.S. but around the world.

Click this link to see who else is holding all that power:

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