Next Week's Presidential Inauguration Just Won't Be The Same

With the recent activities at the U.S. Capitol last week among other wicked things happening across America the past year or so, I think the presidential inauguration next week should be a small gathering. I think we should forget all the pomp and circumstance that we normally see on inauguration day.

Although officials have said there will be enough security for one million people, there should be a somewhat private ceremony that includes the necessary officials and the families of the president and vice-president elect.

I'm worried that there can be another uproar of insurrection, or worse. I know if that were me I would not want to be in the spotlight no matter how much security was present. As we saw last week, even some of the capitol police were taking selfies and such with the "protestors," so who do we trust?

Ugh ... America is going through some real challenges right now and hopefully with the new administration some things will begin to change. I just wish we could uproot the evil in this country once and for all.

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