This Presidential Inauguration Will Be Like No Other

Between a pandemic and unrest in America in the last several months this presidential inauguration is sure to hit different.

Security is so high in Washington D.C. following the insurrection at the Capitol last week. National Guard troops are keeping watch 24 hours a day, sleeping on the marble floor of the building. Flights in and out of D.C. are being screened and some airlines are not allowing guns as checked baggage, or alcohol on the flight.

On top of all of that, the public will not have access to the National Mall where thousands usually gather to watch the swearing in of a U.S. president. Nope, not happening this year.

This inauguration may not have all the crowds but it still will have some star power. Lady Gaga is set to do the National Anthem, while Jennifer Lopez will deliver a musical performance. Outside of that, there is no telling what this inauguration will look like, but rest assured there will be security everywhere. I mean everywhere.

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