We're Going To See Better Days

Hopefully things will begin to look up for Americans because we have definitely been through a lot for the past several months. Some have lost friends and loved ones, others have lost their livelihoods and many more have lost hope.

But fear not because change is going to come. I feel it in my heart. We will build stronger and this country will unify. Oh sure there will be those who are not with it, that’s just human nature but the majority of us will understand and work toward bringing racial harmony and peace to not only this country but to the world.

Americans are resilient and as a black woman, I certainly have seen the resilience of my race of people. I think God blanketed this world with the pandemic so the covers could be pulled back and expose the racial discord, corruption, inequality and other forces of evil not only in this country but around the globe.

Let’s open our hearts, expand our thinking, roll up our sleeves and get to work for better days because they are coming.

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