Spinderella left out

I'm not happy about this story at all...

I AM HIP HOP, at the beginning of hip hop, I personally grew up listening, admiring and growing with Salt-N-Pepa but more importantly, I love Spinderella. Being a female Dj, she was an essential role model for me to becoming a female dj.

So it kinda hurt to report this story but I'm reporting it because it shows how easily a group will dispose of a Dj.

Lifetime decide to do a biopic on the hip hop group, Salt-N-Pepa and they were the execute producers and they decided to write Spinderella out, but I'm sure this had something to do with her suing them back in 2018 and the case was settled with a undisclosed amount.

Spinderella, has moved on but has made her comments very visible on her opinions on how they excluded her from the film.

Salute Spin, it's still millions cheering for you, I'm one of them.

a fan.

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