2 Top black books for 2021

My selection of the top black books of 2021, I'm sure it should be a list of at least 50 books, but allow me to run down my top 3.

#1. Just As I Am - Cicley Tyson

Actress Cicely Tyson reflects on an extraordinary career, she has shaped the course of history. Reflecting on a 70 years career and staying true to herself and earning the respect in a male and race driven field. Patiently wait on my book to get dropped off from Amazon.

#2. I'm Rising - Michelle G. Strandford

Self love poetry that empowers yo to find the inner strength to crawl, get up, walk and fly, if need to be, just don't give up. Powerful and inspirational poems. This book is in my Amazon cart!!!!!!

#3. Her - Perry Alex Jeanty

I'm not sure where this book came from but I truly can say, this book found me. It's a book for those thats on ajourney to find self-love and acceptance. This book is a page turner, I completed it in 2 days and can't wait for part 2 to be delivered.

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