In a world of lace fronts....

In a world of lace fronts, wigs and frontals, I personally want to salute the women thats rocking short funky hair! Personal hair care is really not that hard to obtain. I've been asked for years, how do I keep my hair healthy and shiny.

It's simple, I keep it clean, if it's not too too cold out, a weekly shampoo and basic oil. I'm old school so I still use Sulfur 8, especially around the edges. I do this not because I apply stress on my edges because I don't, I just love my full edges. Growth

Sulfur8 every day for about 5 days, and I put 5 drops of Wild Growth Oil in my wrapping mousse when I mold my hair, the oil in the mousse helps when the hair is dry and I style my hair old school Ultra Sheen Creme Press. It helps in an extra cold climate like Chicago because the cold weather drys the hair shaft so your always gonna need oil!

Salute to my short hair divas!

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