#Chicago Trends On Twitter After Major Snowfall

#Chicago was trending on Twitter today because of the snowfall that hit our city over the past couple of days. There are literally cars buried under the snow and unfortunately many cars are now stuck where they are parked due to snow that is piled high.

Some service is suspended on multiple CTA transit lines because of the snow storm Monday but free shuttle buses will be available to those who are affected by the outages. Crews are working hard to restore service.

CPS students have no in-person classes, however remote learning is still in progress today. Cook County health vaccination sites are closed and many employers allowed their staff to work from home.

Please take extra caution if you're driving today, as there may be ice formed under the snow due to the frigid temperatures. In addition, be careful when shoveling snow, do not lift heavy snow as that could cause heart failure or other serious medical conditions. Be sure to dress appropriately because temps are dipping into the single digits and you can get frostbite and not even realize it.

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