Social media star, Tabitha Brown, first book release.

Social media star and actress, Tabitha Brown is making her ground breaking moves... In 2020 she gained immense popularity with her online videos content where she promotes being a vegan, she adds humor and some motivational speaking. Tabitha has OVER 4 million followers on Instagram and has been describe as "America's Mom and her content has been deemed comforting and calming...

After becoming the internet's best friend that pushes us to eat healthy and reminds us not to be so hard on ourselves. We all love her becomes of the plant-based recipes with millions online cheering her on the share more.

Tabitha will be penning her first book, her first ever cook-book, "Feeding The Soul".

Both a recipe book and inspirational style book, published by William Morrow and it will be released September 28th. I will be making my purchase but the question is, when is she doing the book tour?

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