Chaka Khan on Verzuz Battle

So, another creation created during the early beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, The Verzuz Battle.

Created by industry top producers, Timbaland and Swizz Beatz, is an American webcast series, which launched back in March of 2020 which first launched thru Instagram Live. The 2 musicians highlight the discographies in two artist.

In the past, they have featured straight heavy legends! Teddy Riley vs BabyFace, Erykah Badu vs Jill Scott, 112 vs. Jagged Edge and Patti LaBelle vs. Gladys Knight, so it's only right to bring another legend on the platform.

Chaka Khan! But who could battle her? My opinion? Diana Ross!!!! But apparently, they must have asked Chaka who she wants to battle, she replied Jasmine Sullivan... She wanted to battle a younger artist, which I do NOT think is fair but Jazmine Sullivan CAN SANG HER FACE OFF... THIS IS A INTERESTING MIX. I wonder will they grant this wish from Chaka Khan.

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