Prince William: The Royals Are "Very Much Not A Racist Family"

Days after Oprah's interview with Meghan Markle and Harry, people are still throwing in comments about the conversation, saying everything from "it was invasive," to "she's never going to bounce back from it."

I'm just glad Meghan got off her chest what she's been wanting people to know for a while now. Unfortunately everybody is not cut out to be a royal, and thank goodness she found out early that she is not about that life.

Meanwhile, many are still trying to pinpoint who actually made the comments about concern for Baby Archie's skin color. Was it the Queen? Meg's sister-in-law Kate? Her father-in-law Prince Charles? A staff member of 'The Firm?' Who said that?

Well Prince William says the royals are "very much not a racist family." And I guess that's all we can go by for now. We'll probably never know who made those comments about Harry and Meghan's first born. And yes, it was racist.

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