Coffee and Hip Hop

A north side Chicagoan, Christopher LeMark had an ideal that lead to Lakeview's "Coffee, Hip Hop & Mental Health" while sitting in a coffee shop, of all places.

When the world WAS open, I would find myself sitting countless hours at Starbucks, I enjoyed my coffee, first and foremost, the swangy music, and the small wooden table and even down the electrical socket right beneath the table allowing excess for my to power my laptop. It's something very soothing in a coffee shop and years that I've visited Starbucks, I've never seen any weirdos, just regular people like me that enjoyed that "space."

But back to Christopher LeMark. He felt that listening to Meek Mill in a coffee shop when he had his epiphany of creating a safe place mentally to heal from trauma.

"Coffee, Hip Hop & Mental Health" is a tranquil place to read, relax, listen to music and get mental health help if needed. If your not looking for therapy, you can stop by and just sit and get a cup of coffee.

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