My Heart Hurts For Victims Of Senseless Shootings

In less than a week, another mass shooting has happened in America. A 21-year-old suspect is in police custody following the shooting that took place at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado Monday.

Ten people, including a police officer who had seven children, have been killed. Just out shopping. At a grocery store. Never to come back home to their families. Why?

We'll never know what really drives a person to take innocent lives, like the lone gunman who took the lives of eight people across Atlanta in the massage spa murders last week. Why?

And closer to home Chicago had 15 shootings, with three killed -- in just one day. Why?

Will guns ever be controlled? Probably not, because they are everywhere and now children have access to them. Police have reported kids as young as 12 years old pointing guns at people during car jackings. My heart hurts for the families of the victims of these and many, many other senseless murders.

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