Weekend WrapUp: Them

The Weekend WrapUp? Amazon series, "Them"

A MUST SEE! Early Sunday morning, around 3am, I decided to watch the series that my daughter couldn't stop talking about. "Them" (Available on Prime Video)

From the very beginning, the storyline catches your attention and captures it to the end. Filled with thousands of subliminal messages and reminders that things were this way less than 50 years and most of them are still the same. Terror in America is the way Amazon described it. But whats more disturbing is this is what Blacks really had to go thru in the '50's.

Executive produced by a Chicago native and Columbia College alumni, Lena Waite. Lena is also the creator of the Showtime drama series The Chi, Boomerang and Twenties. Throughout all of her work, Queen & Slim is my #1 film she wrote and produced.

Bottom line, watch "Them" available on Amazon Prime Video.