Governor Pritzker: New Mitigations May Return for Illinois

With hospitals running out of rooms and ICU's becoming more crowded due to an increase in COVID-19 cases, Governor Pritzker is hinting that there may be new mitigations.

Remember those? Yeah, those mandates where you cannot do this but you can do that and all? Remember the different phases too -- one through five? Well all of that may come back and the mitigations may be even more strict if these case numbers don't get under control.

This pandemic will only go away if we ALL pitch in and do what we're supposed to do. What you do with your health is your business, but it has been proven that those who get vaccinated will drastically reduce the likelihood of spreading the virus. And the whole controversy about not wanting to wear a mask? Good grief, I just can't.

This pandemic has been politicized, and as a result will probably be around for a while.

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