Bay Area Nurse Could Make History In California General Assembly Election

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2022 is bringing a new election season, which means it'll the season of new history-making opportunities!

In the case of California's General Assembly, one Bay Area Registered Nurse, could make history as the first openly gay, Black, Jewish woman to be elected to the state legislative body.

Jennifer Esteen launched a campaign for the California General Assembly after incumbent assembly member Bill Quirk announced he wouldn't be running for the seat next year. Esteen is now running unopposed for Alameda County's 20th Assembly District seat.

The 41-year-old is changing the game already, as the area has only ever elected a white assembly member despite having a population made up of 33% Asian, 29% Latino and 9% Black residents. So if elected, she'd be turning the tide in representation for the area at the state level.

"I appreciate Assemblymember Quirk's decades of public service and his commitment to the people of this district," she said in a statement. "Months ago when we decided to run this campaign, and challenge a sitting incumbent, it was because we knew our community needs bold new leadership centered from within the community."

Esteen has already gotten endorsements from prominent figures including Black Lives Matter Movement co-founder Alicia Garza, the Harvey Milk Democratic Club, and several other local organizations.

Esteen is a former psychiatric nurse and now co-leads a local union. She lives with her wife and children and is running on a platform to ensure families like her own are represented when laws and policies are made.

The primary election for the seat is scheduled for June 2022.

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