Residents Of This Illinois City Have The Worst Commute In The State

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Gone are the days when the majority of people can work from the comfort of their own home due to the pandemic. For better or for worse, many American workers are now back to starting their days enduring congested roads, unpredictable public transit and all of the frustrations that come with that —And some people have it worse than others.

Stacker determined which towns in Illinois have the worst commutes. The website states, "Stacker compiled a list of the cities with the worst commutes in Illinois using data from the U.S. Census Bureau. Cities with at least 5,000 working adults are ranked by the longest average commute time as of the 2019 5-year estimate."

According to the site, Dolton residents can now brag about having the worst commute to work. The average time spent commuting to work in the city is 41.7 minutes. The study also shows that 34 percent of workers spend less than 30 minutes commuting, and 27.6 percent of workers spend more than an hour commuting.

Here are the top 10 worst cities in Illinois for commuting:

  1. Dolton
  2. Matteson
  3. Richton Park
  4. Calumet City
  5. Campton Hills
  6. Country Club Hills
  7. Hazel Crest
  8. Antioch
  9. Round Lake
  10. Lockport

Check out the full list of cities with the worst commutes in Illinois from Stacker.

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