This Restaurant Has The Best Buffet In Illinois

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If you prefer piling your plate with multiple foods of your choice for every course, look no further than the restaurant with the best buffet in the entire state. This particular restaurant is not only extremely affordable, but offers options for the whole family.

According to a list compiled by Mashed, the restaurant with the best buffet in Illinois is Red Apple Buffet in Chicago. This buffet is also rated as one of the best in the country.

Here is what Mashed had to say about the restaurant with the best buffet in all of Illinois:

"The Red Apple Buffet opened in the Chicago neighborhood of Avondale in 1989 (via Block Club Chicago). For 30 years, it was known for offering cheap, delicious Polish cuisine, among other European dishes. The family-owned restaurant opened a second location in Norwood Park a few years after the first. But, in 2019, the original location closed, citing trouble with managing two locations. Then, at the start of 2020, the second location was forced to temporarily close as well. But, after 16 long months and endless demands from loyal and hungry customers, it resumed its typical buffet operations. If you've never tried Polish food before, you might be surprised to see so many familiar dishes in the spread. Classic pierogies are a staple. But herb-baked chicken, tilapia, roast beef, and chicken noodle soup are also popular choices."

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