Summer Walker Taps Solange, Childish Gambino & More For 'Clear 2'

Summer Walker is rolling out the tracklist for her new project.

On Monday, May 15, the critically-acclaimed R&B singer shared a hilarious video of her, Sexyy Red and Miami's Sukihana trying caviar, or as they call it "cavinar." During their taste test, the official tracklist for Walker's Clear 2: The Soft Life EP appears. The nine-track project is set to feature contributions from Childish Gambino, Solange, Steve Lacy and John Kirby. While Gambino appears to be throwing down a fresh verse on "New Type," Walker tapped Solange, Lacy and Kirby to produce the final song “Agayu’s Revelation."

The tracklist comes over a month after she announced he plans for the project. During her set at Dreamville Festival, Summer Walker shared the details about the EP's title and its release date, which is set for May 19.

“I just wanted to let you guys know that I have an EP dropping," she told the crowd. "May 19. Go to my website if you wanna pre-order it. It’s a little somethin’, somethin’ 'Clear.' Y’all ready for some new music?”

The original version contains four tracks: “Riot,” “Grave,” “Wasted” and “Settling.” Now it seems like her next project will be longer, which is exactly what she wanted.

"The last one was like four songs," she told Billboard last year. "This one — I want it to be a lot longer so I can really get that sound out. That’s my favorite type of sound. I make what I got to make for the radio, but I’m very excited for [Clear 2]. Hopefully, my budget will be permitted. [If not], we got to protest.”

Check out the entire tracklist below before the project arrives on May 19.

Clear 2: The Soft Life EP Tracklist

1. “To Summer, From Cole”

2. “Hardlife”

3. “How Does It Feel”

4. “Mind Yo Mouth”

5. “Pull Up”

6. “New Type” featuring Childish Gambino

7. “Finding Peace”

8. “Set Up (2017)”

9. “Agayu’s Revelation” produced by Solange, Steve Lacy and John Kirby

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