Wild Theories About Drake Debunked In The Aftermath Of Kendrick Lamar Beef

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There are a lot of rumors flying around about Drake in the aftermath of his beef with Kendrick Lamar.

Over the past few days, fans have parroted one tale that claimed Drizzy physically assaulted a disabled journalist at a hotel in New York City last year. The salacious rumor stemmed from a mysterious X account EbonyPrince2K24, who seemingly implied that Drizzy attacked Christopher Alvarez — a journalist who suffers from Thanatophoric Dysplasia Type 2. The unidentified user posted screenshots and recordings of security footage that shows Drake and Alvarez in the lobby of The Mark Hotel with a cryptic message that alluded to what happened that night.

“To Mr. Aubrey Graham (@Drake), may this photo help jog your memory as to where you discarded those items,” the user wrote in reference to the assortment of items featured in the artwork for Lamar's "Meet The Grahams."

“The issue in the photo should also jog your memory," the person continued in another post. "Jimmy Brooks would not have been proud of you that night."

After the rumor grew legs and ran marathons around the blogosphere over the weekend, Alvarez himself confirmed he was with Drake that night but he was not harmed in any way.

“I was with Drake that night because we briefly met after dinner but all the accusations are false," he told the Brooklyn Eagle. “I’ve had the privilege to be with Drake, Kendrick Lamar and other celebrities who have been very nice to me, but I don’t understand where it all got blurred with the fans. I can confirm that I was with Drake on the night of Jan. 22, 2023."

Another rumor that was apparently debunked over the weekend was that Drake purposely fed Kendrick Lamar false information about him. On "6:16 in L.A.," Lamar mentioned there were people from OVO who were offering up information about the Canadian rapper. After he revealed Drake used Ozempic and alleged he had a 11-year-old daughter on "Meet The Grahams," Drizzy claimed that purposely provided K. Dot's team with the flase information on "The Heart Part 6."

"We plotted for a week, and then we fed you the information," Drake raps on his most recent response to Kendrick. "A daughter that's eleven years old, I bet he takes it/We thought about givin' a fake name or a destination/But you so thirsty, you not concerned with investigation."

Kendrick Lamar went on to use a photo of items that reportedly belonged to Drake including jewelry receipts, prescription pill bottles and an Ozempic package for the cover of "Meet The Grahams." However, it seems like Drake might have lied in his bars. According to Akademiks, Drake apparently knew the items in the photo were stolen but couldn't figure out where the other information came from.

“Drake did know that they were stolen so I don’t know if he’s trying to reverse psychology it," Ak said during his recent stream. "When Drake said he set it up, I’m taking that to be the 11-year-old daughter thing. Because from everybody I’ve talked to including Drake, we can’t even see where this came from and Kendrick said it so definitively in what was supposed to be his biggest song. That was supposed to be the biggest exposé.”

See what The Breakfast Club had to say about the situation below.

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