Danielle Moodie Examines The Evolving Political Climate On 'Woke AF Daily'

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There's a lot going on in today's evolving political landscape in the United States. If you need a place to catch up on the most vital news stories, then you need to wake up and listen to the Woke AF Daily podcast.

Woke AF Daily is "a podcast that explores the current political climate while waking people up to their power." Powered by DCP Entertainment, Host Danielle Moodie navigates her fans and all inquisitive minds through numerous trending topics in politics, culture and so much more. In honor of Pride Month, Moodie just released her latest episode "Black & Queer AF."

Outside of Pride, Moodie also touches on issues that impact both sides of the aisle from the road to Election Day 2024 to the deterioration of the Constitution as we know it thanks to the Supreme Court. She also weighs in on the pros and cons (mostly the cons) of both presidential candidates President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

"Let's be clear," she explains in "Biden's Republican Pivot." "While I believe truly that Donald Trump interfered with that election, as was proven in the election interference case in New York aka the hush money case, Donald Trump lied to the American people, stole three f**king justices and sat over 150 federal judges on the bench because of said lie."

"I believe that Joe Biden is making a bunch of [missteps] right now," she continues. "So whether we're talking about Gaza, now we're talking about the f**king border, I'm like, what's next? Because what you're doing is not paying attention or listening to your base who wants a fighter — not a collaborator — who wants somebody that is going to fight for justice for democracy, not just here but around the globe. And Joe Biden is coming up f**king short."

If you want to hear more of Moodie's arguments, listen to Woke AF Daily on iHeartPodcasts now!

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