If You're Left-Handed, Today Is Your Day

Attention lefties, today is your day! Today is International Left Handers Day. So around the world, people who are left-handed are being celebrated. Here is an interesting fact: Did you know that only 10 percent of the population is left-handed? I thought for sure there were more lefties than that in the world, because it seems like I run into more and more people who are left-handed.

Scientists have yet to find out the reason for left-handedness. But they have found that if one parent is left-handed, their child is likely to be left-handed too. Although I'm a righty, I try to do as much with my left hand as possible. At one time I thought I was ambidextrous because I used to be able to write pretty legibly with my left hand too.

But shout out to all of the left-handed people today, I'll raise my left hand and give you a virtual high-five.

Bioncé Foxx

Bioncé Foxx

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