Clearly, Racism Is Taught

When I saw this story on NBC Nightly News it warmed my heart and gave me hope of a better tomorrow.

It doesn't take rocket science and research or extensive studies to know that racism is taught. It is a behavior that does not exist until someone teaches you to hate. Children don't come into the world hating, they learn from being taught to hate and when they grow into adults they continue to teach it to their children, and so on and so on and then inevitably generation after generation will hate. That's the problem.

If we could somehow soften the hearts and silence the voice of hate that exists in these people, the world would be such a better place. Realistically racism will never end, but it can subside in the way we interact, respect and treat each other. But most importantly if we knew more about different cultures and why things exist the way they do then maybe races could get along with one another. Wishful thinking.

Silencing agitators is a start to ridding our world of racism. But unfortunately there are many agitators in high places and their negative energy incites copycat behavior and can have a domino effect that keeps the cycle of racism alive.

Clearly this child does not see color, and thankfully his parents seem not to either. I just hope outside factors don't claim his innocence and his thought process when it comes to race.

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