Wash Your Hands Often and Wear A Mask!

I still cannot believe the number of people I see not wearing a mask. Listen people, we are still in the midst of a pandemic! COVID-19 can affect ANYBODY no matter what your age, race, ethnicity, health condition or socio-economic background. Don't be fooled.

With the rise in COVID cases around the country and in Illinois, we must continue to follow the guidelines like we were doing in March when Phase One was originally announced. Stay in your home as much as you can and continue to wash your hands several times throughout the day. Also wear a mask. Many stores and businesses are mandating that you wear a mask before you enter the establishment so please just do it.

Way too many people are walking around without a mask and I just don't understand it. Do you want to rollback to Phase 1 or 2 again? I certainly don't so please do what is right to contain this virus. Contrary to popular opinion, we are ALL in this together. The more we work together the better we will all be. Remember, a pandemic has no boundaries.

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