Maybe The NFL Should Rethink The 2020 Season?

I am fully aware the amount of money that the NFL brings in each year. I mean anytime you can afford to offer a single player a $500 million contract, there has to be some money somewhere!

But because of the pandemic that still creeps around the globe, several players are opting out of playing in the 2020 season and more than 100 players have tested positive for COVID-19.

Now keep in mind that training camp has officially kicked off, and according to a report 21 players have tested positive at the camps. The first game is scheduled to take place in about six weeks, and if so many athletes are not willing to play, perhaps the NFL should postpone the season.

That would be a lot of money missed and I get it but at the same time what is more important, making money or the health and safety of the league's players? Wait ... don't answer that.

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