Chicago Speaks with Darryl Dennard

Chicago Speaks with Darryl Dennard

Listen to Chicago Speaks with Darryl Dennard Sunday 6am-8am.Full Bio


Midterm Elections and Community Gathering

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Midterm Election Toolkit

This week Chicago Speaks welcomes Mr. Jim Garfield (IVI-IPO—Independent Voters of Illinois- Independent Precinct Organization), Ms. Kathy Kenny (League of Women Voters of Illinois Vice President and Co-Chair of Voter Service), and Mr. Matt Dietrich (Public Infromation Officer at Illinois State Board of Elections). This panel of experts is here to share with voters some valuable information and resources on voting in the upcoming Illinois midterm elections. Where can citizens vote? Who is eligible to vote? Which ballot issues should voters be aware of before heading to the polls? For a comprehensive overview of what to expect on this Election Day, be sure to tune in to Chicago Speaks this Sunday, from 6-8am. Check out our voting resources page here.

Chicago Urban League

One of the year’s biggest parties with a purpose will be taking place on Saturday, November 5th. Join the Chicago Urban League for their 61st annual Golden Fellowship Dinner at the Sheraton Grand Chicago. This year’s theme for the event is The Fight For Equity Continues: Get In League With Us to recognize that, while progress is being made, the fight for equity continues to be ongoing. For more than a century the Chicago Urban League has been working towards their mission of providing economic and racial equity for black Chicago, and have established programs to aid with job searches, securing affordable housing, education advancements, business growth, and more. Be sure to secure your ticket soon to join the Chicago Urban League and celebrate the impactful work they do for our community.

Poetry Foundation

Located in the heart of downtown Chicago at the corner of Dearborn and Superior street, The Poetry Foundation building houses a 30,000-volume poetry library, an exhibition gallery, and a performance space for free public events. This week we’re giving listeners insight into the art and storytelling that The Poetry Foundation supports. To learn more about The Poetry Foundation and discover upcoming events and exhibitions such as the current Diana Solís: Encuentros Photographs of Chicago Poetry Communities, check out The Poetry Foundation’s website and tune into Chicago Speaks this Sunday from 6-8am!

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