Chicago Speaks with Darryl Dennard

Chicago Speaks with Darryl Dennard

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Midterm Election Discussion, Nicor Gas, and Myths of Bo Jackson

Across The U.S. Voters Flock To The Polls On Election Day

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Nicor Gas

Mike King, energy savings specialist with Nicor Gas, joins Chicago Speaks this week to share provide insight on energy savings from the largest natural gas distribution company in Illinois. Nicor Gas provides energy assistance funds, an energy efficiency program, and information on protecting residents against gas leaks and utility scams to all customers looking for a more effective and transparent service. For more information on Nicor Gas, visit their website.

Midterm Elections

With midterm elections taking place early last week, we’re taking time on Chicago Speaks to discuss results—what we know so far, and what there is still to be determined. Co-editor in chief of The Emancipator Deborah Douglas, author and Chicago Sun-Times columnist John Fountain, and Northwestern Medill School of Journalism Dean Charles Whitaker, together give their perspectives on election day and break down the results to give citizens an idea of what is to come next.

Bo Jackson, the Last Folk Hero

Finally, Chicago Speaks is thrilled to welcome best-selling sportswriter Jeff Pearlman to this week’s episode to speak about his new novel Bo Jackson, the Last Folk Hero. Having already written ten novels, this upcoming biography is highly anticipated amongst fans of the mythical athletic star. One of the few figures ever to succeed in both baseball and basketball, the stories surrounding Bo Jackson are explored in further detail through Jeff Pearlman’s extensive research and distinctive writing style. Be sure to order The Last Folk Hero: The Life and Myth of Bo Jackson and tune in to Chicago Speaks this Sunday, from 6-8am.

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