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Chicago Speaks with Darryl Dennard

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Book Releases, Surviving a Stress-Free Holiday, and a Reporter's Roundtable

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New Reading

This week Chicago Speaks is thrilled to welcome BeeGee Hill, author of the upcoming Christian romance novel I Don’t Mind Waiting. A story about making relationships work and rediscovering your faith, be sure to pick up your copy of I Don’t Mind Waiting and tune into Chicago Speaks every Sunday from 6-8am.

Stress-Free Holiday

The holidays can be a stressful time for almost anyone—from buying gifts to traveling new places to just trying to navigate ordinary life throughout the business of the season, there is plenty of chaos to prompt anxiety in even the most patient of people. Chicago Speaks welcomes Dr. Judith Allen from Communities in Chicago Schools and Dr. Gerald McNair, Superintendent of South Suburbs School, to speak on how the holiday season can affect children’s mental health.

Senator Warnock

Senator and American Baptist pastor Raphael Warnock defeated his competitor Republican Herschel Walker earlier this week in the Georgia general election runoffs. What does a win for Senator Warnock mean for the people of Georgia, and for the country as a whole? Warnock’s win has given Democrats a slim 51-49 majority in the U.S. Senate, which could make a significant impact in passing progressive legislation throughout the next two years. Chicago Speaks is joined by author and journalist Mr. John Fountain as well as Digital News Editor of The TRiiBE Mr. Andrew Davis to speak on current events and provide insight into what could be next, politically and beyond.

Earth’s Remedies

Finally, founder Mercedes Pickett joins us at Chicago Speaks this week to discuss her company Earth’s Remedies. Since its founding in 2016, Earth’s Remedies has been working to fulfill their mission of connecting West Side scholars to free tutoring services and developmental resources to cultivate and supplement their knowledge and education. By connecting disenfranchised families and small businesses to free education, career readiness, financial literacy, business consultations, and health, wellness, & violence prevention resources, Earth’s Remedies has made a difference in the lives of countless individuals and families living on the West Side of Chicago. To learn more about Earth’s Remedies, tune in to Chicago Speaks and visit the Earth’s Remedies website.

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