Tina Turner needs your prayers...

This Facebook post from Clinton Coleman caught my eye -  PRAYER FOR TINA TURNER...She is going through a battle of a lifetime.. The beloved vocalist is fighting stomach cancer, suffered a stroke and her body is rejecting a kidney transplant she recently had!LET US SHOW HER OUR LOVE AND SUPPORT!

ALSO - the USA TODAY published an article of a Tina Turner book release "The 5 most shocking revelations in Tina Turner's new memoir, 'My Love Story'  Note fact #4. Either way - let's keep her in our prayers.

4. Tina had a stroke and a secret kidney transplant.

Fast forward four decades, and Turner is a world-renowned pop star who has just married the man she considers the real love of her life, German music producer Erwin Bach, after 27 years together.

The couple's just-married bliss was interrupted three months after their wedding when Turner suffered a stroke. After denying media reports about the stroke, Turner would learn in short order that she had both kidney failure and vertigo.

After undergoing excruciating-yet-successful vertigo treatments and beginning to stabilize her kidneys, Turner began experiencing chronic diarrhea and was diagnosed with intestinal cancer in January 2016.

Turner's doctors treated her cancer by removing part of her intestine, but her kidneys worsened, to the point where she signed up for an assisted suicide program. But then Bach decided to give her one of his kidneys, and a successful transplant occurred in April 2017. 

"My body keeps trying to reject the new kidney, which is not uncommon after a transplant," Turner writes about ongoing health issues. "Sometimes, the treatment involves spending more time in the hospital, and it comes with some unpleasant side effects, including dizziness, forgetfulness, anxiety and the occasional bout of insane diarrhea."