A Personal message from Danielle Spencer's Mother

Danielle Spencer's mother Ms. Cheryl Pelt has posted the latest on her condition with this Facebook Post a few hours ago.   Clearly she's not out of the woods - let's go PRAYER WARRIORS.

Mom Cheryl Pelt writes...

DANIELLE SPENCER still in recovery.

I want to first thank GOD for saving my daughter . Had it not been for the quick action of a wonderfully, skilled brain surgeon we would have lost her. I also want to thank her friends for setting up the gofundme page. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CONTRIBUTED, and PRAYED FOR DANIELLE TO COME THROUGH THIS SUCCESSFULLY. A million thanks !!

As a mother who has been through the worst of times during Danielle’s various illnesses, your prayers have sustained me and my entire family.

Danielle is still in the hospital taking a battery of tests to find out why her movements and speech have slowed and why she can’t walk. I’ve come to realize that her road to recovery is a journey. I’m expecting a miracle because I know that GOD IS A HEALER AND THAT HE IS ABLE TO DO ALL THINGS.

Please continue to pray ! Thank you everyone ❤️🙏🏽

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