Whatchu NOT Gon' Do Today... is mess with Malia

In case you hadn't figured it out, this will be a little rant.

Malia Obama was captured on video blowing smoke rings and it went viral yesterday.  Most people seem to not care and/or are impressed with her skills... but of course, there are portions of the internet that are horrified at her behavior while others think she needs new friends.

No. and No.

She's 19, away at school and doing what most young people do at that age: living their lives without their parents looking over their shoulders. No, smoking isn't the best health choice, but there are FAR worse choices she could be making. Maybe grown folks should stop to think about what they did at 19 and if it was on tape for the world to see. Mmmhmmm... let's stop being the respectability police after the dirt's been done and the fun's been had.

And for better or worse, everything that anybody does these days is, or could be, captured on video. It's how we ALL live. I seriously doubt there was any bad intention on the part of whoever took the video... (a) people that age -- and older -- don't think that far ahead. And (2) I bet somebody in that group ALWAYS tapes EVERYTHING they do and posts it, because we ALL have THAT friend. 

Saying all that to say, whatchu not gon' do today is mess with Malia... let that child live. She already is.  And if anybody gets to say anything about it, it's Barack & Michelle. 

Jeanne Sparrow


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