NFL Owner Diddy? With Partner/QB Kaep? YES!

After Jerry Richardson announced he plans to sell the Charlotte Panthers at the end of this season in the NFL amid accusations of misconduct, Sean Diddy Combs went on Twitter and said he was interested in being the team's next owner.  

NBA superstar Steph Curry replied almost immediately, saying he was interested in being on the owners team. And later, after Diddy posted that he would sign Colin Kaepernick as his QB, Kaep replied that he wanted in on ownership too.  

Diddy also promised the best half-time shows in the NFL.  Yep, pretty much. 

Come on Jay and Bey... so we can close this deal ASAP!  Talk about a Christmas dream team come true!

See the developing story here and check out Twitter for all the updated buzz!

Jeanne Sparrow


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