Jesse Williams Divorce Etiquette Faux Pas

According to TMZ, activist and Grey's Anatomy star Jesse Williams' divorce from wife Aryn Drake-Lee is not going smoothly.

She's upset over a lot of stuff with the actor... that he doesn't pick the kids up or drop them off on time and that he brought cupcakes to their daughter's school for her birthday but didn't tell her about it.  

But the big thing is that he let their kids meet (and possibly take a vacation) with his current girlfriend, even though their agreement says they both have to wait 6 months into a relationship before doing so.

The cupcake thing might be a touch petty (but decide for yourself after you read the full story here) and I could see how not sticking to a schedule might feel a little disrespectful... but does your ex have a right to tell you how much time has to pass before you decide to introduce them to your significant other?  If you're a responsible parent, shouldn't that decision be left up to you?  

(And I'm not talking about one parent wanting to know/meet the people that the other parent is bringing their children around... related issue, but different.)

Jeanne Sparrow


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