Michael B. Jordan Lives w/Parents... Yeah or Nah?

So last week, the internet tried to go in on 31-year old "Black Panther" star Michael B. Jordan for living with his parents… and he wasn’t having it, squashed them with one tweet and he looks like a winner.  (See the tweets & more on the story here.)

But all this did make me wonder how being a single adult living in the same home with parents affects relationship options, and whether the reason for the choice matters to potential dates.  For example, does it “look better” if you own the home or if you’re a caregiver?

I have several friends and relatives who share a home with their parents for a variety of reasons, and I may end up in that situation myself to better care for my father.  I also believe it is becoming much more common as our parents age, especially for us middle-aged folks out in these dating streets.  But I will say that when I’ve dated guys who were in that situation, it was hard to keep things going… there’s less privacy and more expectations and obligations that make dating challenging.

So… here’s my question: if you met someone who shares a home with their parents, would that affect your decision to date them?

Jeanne Sparrow


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