Don't Miss That Hour... It's Daylight Saving Time!

It’s time to spring forward... Daylight Saving Time goes into effect early Sunday morning at 2am.

Experts suggest the best thing you can do to adjust to losing that hour of sleep is to start getting extra rest by going to bed earlier this weekend. They also say you should expose yourself to sunlight early in the day and avoid caffeine and naps later in the day. Find more tips here.  

It makes sense to do whatever you can to ease the transition because there are some pretty serious potential downsides of the time change... more frequent headaches, sleep deprivation and higher risks for accidents, heart attacks and strokes.  

Or maybe we’ll get lucky & they’ll get rid of this time change foolishness… Florida is proposing their state just stay on daylight saving time going forward and many are hoping that trend spreads nationwide.  No word yet on how Arizona and Hawaii feel about that, since they already ignore all the time changes. (I bet they don't care, because sunshine and good sleep!   )

Jeanne Sparrow


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