A Candy Thief is Loose in Chicago

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, there’s a thief with a very sweet tooth in Chicago.  

$18,000 dollars worth of candy was stolen from McCormick Place on Thursday night after the Sweets & Snacks Expo (which is an amazing show if you ever get the chance to go).  They say the candy was sitting unattended in a loading dock when it was stolen.

So… I’ve done the math for and connected my own dots and feel like I’ve solved the crime. Well, everything except for finding the person who actually did it. 

Here’s my thinking… if we’re talking about value of 50 cents per piece of candy, that’s around 36,000 pieces of candy that were stolen. And if we’re looking at the industry average of 30-52 pieces per case (yes, I looked that up, too)… we’re talking somewhere in the neighborhood of 700-1200 cases went missing. WHICH HAS GOT TO BE AN ENTIRE PALLET OF CANDY! 

Does anybody else smell a set-up?  But it could be a win-win… with the candy gone, the vendors don’t have to pay for shipping to get it back home and I’m sure they’ve got candy insurance.

My only question is, whose cousin is selling better quality goods out of their back-door candy shop? I swear won’t tell.

Jeanne Sparrow


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