There’s a Pedophile Running for Office in Virginia

I thought the news couldn’t get any weirder until I saw this story last night on a Charlottesville (yes, the same place with the riots) native named Nathan Larson who’s running for Congress as an independent. 

This man has a history of running websites that talk about and promote doing unbelievable things to children and women… including marrying their own children, raping virgins and killing women.  Even so, he says that probably won’t hurt him in the race because, “A lot of people who disagreed with someone like Trump… might vote for them anyway just because the establishment doesn’t like them.”  Scary thing is, I can't find the lie because he could be right about that part.

Read the whole story at this link with caution… but know that this is real. This is a thing that is actually happening.  God help us all.

Jeanne Sparrow


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