Could You Be Single... Forever?

Twitter was in a bit of an uproar over recording artist Iggy Azalea's claim that she'll be single forever, after just confirming a few hours earlier that she was in a relationship with NFL star DeAndre Hopkins.

Now, normally, I wouldn't have really paid much attention to the story... but that part about being single forever and the reactions to it made me take notice.  As a single girl, it always amazes me how people think of being single as a bad thing.

But is it really that bad?  I think most of us can easily come up with a long list of people we know in unhappy, unsatisfying and unhealthy relationships or marriages... so why is the single option so bad?

Single doesn't necessarily mean alone or lonely... it just means what it says -- not married or officially coupled up.  And freedom from a relationship that doesn't work is priceless.

I don't know about Iggy and the forever part of it of her being single tweet, but to each his/her own... if it works for you, God bless and good luck. 

Jeanne Sparrow


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